Sunday, August 06, 2006

car 54...where ARE you?

this post is in honour of our beloved, Doctor Anonymous, who has been missing since 08/02/2006. Doctor A, is a down-to-eath doc, and has graciously let all of us see 'the other side' of being a doc from his perspective... his patients are lucky to have such a good-hearted doctor who cares for them as individuals, and who also is respectful of them and their right to make their own decisions.

the world should be blessed with more docs like this!

we miss you, doc!
hope all is well, and you simply won the lottery and whisked yourself away to a remote island with no internet connection for awhile ----- tho, when you return, you may catch some hell for not taking us all with you!


Hoping4more said...

no sign of him yet, huh...
thanks for being a part of the "search-party"! Doc A, wherever you are, we miss you!!

Dr. A said...

Ah, my dear Ladybug. You can't get rid of me. I'm feeling really guilty, silly, and embarrassed right now. I wasn't on a remote island (altho I wish I was), but I was w/o internet. Thanks for your concern and sorry for all the trouble.